High Quality Genuine COMPAQ PRESARIO B2811TX Laptop Battery For COMPAQ PRESARIO B2811TX Battery

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  • Cell Type: Original
  • Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Capacity: 4800 mAh
  • Voltage: 11.10V
  • Dimension: 204.30 x 45.20 x 21.21 mm
  • Brand New 100% Original Battery
  • Guaranteed to test on original machine before shipped out
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Full 2 Years Warranty

Compaq Presario b2811tx Laptop Battery Features

Compaq Presario b2811tx Laptop Battery Fits Models

Presario B2800 Series, Presario B2801TX, Presario B2802TX, Presario B2803TX, Presario B2804TX, Presario B2805TX, Presario B2806TX, Presario B2807TX, Presario B2808TX, Presario B2809TX, Presario B2810TX, Presario B2811TX, Presario B2812TX, Presario B2813TX, Presario B2814TX, Presario B2815TX, Presario B2816TX, Presario B2817TX, Presario B2818TX, Presario B2819TX, Presario B2820TX, Presario B2821TX, Presario B2822TX, Presario B2823TX, Presario B2824TX, Presario B2825TX, Presario B2826TX, Presario B2827TX, Presario B2828TX, Presario B2829TX, Presario B2830TX, Presario B2831TX,

Compaq Presario b2811tx Compatible Codes

405231-001, 407672-001, HSTNN-CB25,

Tips to extend your Compaq Presario b2811tx Battery's working life